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With such a complete knowledge of packaging structure, packaging upgrades rely on it!
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"People rely on clothes, horses and saddles", as the so-called "three-point appearance, seven-point dress", good packaging can highly focus on consumers' memory, attention and attention. Therefore, products with exquisite, unique, and more functional packaging are the way of business operation. It is also a counterattack in the fierce market competition, becoming an industry dark horse and an important tool for brand strategy.
1, retort packaging bag
Packing requirements:
is used for packaging of meat, poultry, etc. It requires the packaging to have good barrier properties, resistance to bone hole breakage, sterilization without breaking, cracking, shrinking, and odorless under cooking conditions.
Design structure:
Transparent category:
Aluminum foil category:
Design reason:
High temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printability and high strength.
High temperature resistance, high strength, flexibility, good barrier properties and puncture resistance.
barrier property, high temperature resistance.
is a high-temperature cooking grade, good heat-sealability, non-toxic and tasteless.
high temperature resistant barrier material.
Ceramic vapor-deposited film, good barrier property, microwave transparent.
Choose the appropriate structure for the specific product. Transparent bags are mostly used for cooking, and AL foil bags can be used for ultra-high temperature cooking.
2, puffed snack food
Packing requirements:
Oxygen-blocking, water-blocking, light-proof, oil-resistant, fragrance-preserving, scratchy appearance, bright colors, and low cost.
Design structure:
Design reason:
Both BOPP and VMCPP are quite scratchy, BOPP has good printability and high gloss. VMCPP has good barrier properties, protects fragrance and prevents moisture. CPP also has better oil resistance.
3, soybean paste packaging bag
Packing requirements:
Odorless and tasteless, low-temperature sealability, anti-seal pollution, good barrier properties, moderate price.
Design structure:
Design reason:
KPA has good barrier properties, good strength and toughness, high fastness to PE compound, not easy to break the package, and good printability. Modified PE is a variety of PE blends (co-extrusion), with low heat sealing temperature and strong resistance to sealing pollution.
4. Biscuit packaging
Packing requirements:
Good barrier properties, strong shading, oil resistance, high strength, odorless and tasteless, and the packaging is quite scratchy.
Design structure:
Design reason:
BOPP has good rigidity, good printability and low cost.
VMPET has good barrier properties, avoids light and blocks oxygen and water.
S-CPP has good low temperature heat sealability and oil resistance.
5. Milk powder packaging
Packing requirements:
Long shelf life, scent and taste, anti-oxidation deterioration, anti-moisture-absorption and caking.
Design structure:
Design reason:
BOPP has good printability, good gloss, good strength and moderate price.
VMPET has good barrier properties, light shielding, good toughness, metallic luster, preferably aluminum plating with reinforced PET, and thick AL layer.
S-PE has good anti-pollution sealability and low temperature heat sealability.
6, green tea packaging
Packing requirements:
Prevent deterioration, discoloration, and taste, that is, prevent the oxidation of protein, chlorophyll, catechin and vitamin C contained in green tea.
Design structure:
Design reason:
AL foil, VMPET, KPET are all materials with excellent barrier properties, and have good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor, and odors. The light shielding properties of AK foil and VMPET are also excellent. The product price is moderate.
7, cooking oil
Packing requirements:
Anti-oxidation deterioration, good mechanical strength, high burst resistance, high tear strength, oil resistance, high gloss and transparency.
Design structure:
Design reason:
PA, PET, PVDC have good oil resistance and high barrier properties. PA, PET, PE have high strength, and the inner PE is special PE, which has good resistance to sealing pollution and high airtightness.