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Why do you have to read the label before buying clothes
date:2020/12/29 10:14:29 popularity:125
Why do you have to read the label before buying clothes
When we buy clothes, we often look at the label of the clothes, but some people just pay attention to the size and price of the clothes. The other information on the label is not understood. It is over after a quick glance. This is the big deal of buying clothes. Don't, because the small label contains all the content of the clothes, the texture of the clothes, the qualification rate, whether it is made by a regular manufacturer, and whether it can cause harm to your skin or body. Why don't you look at these important information carefully, and be aware of it so that you can be worthy of the money you paid!
1. Look at the level
The clothing grades are divided into high-quality, first-class, and qualified products
The higher the level
The higher the color fastness
Under normal circumstances
There are few first-class and first-class products on the market
So the grade mark on the clothing label must be at least qualified
2. Look at the model number
clothes that do not indicate height and bust are not qualified
The size mark of qualified clothes: "p75/p00A"
P75 means height, p00 means bust, A means body shape
A means "normal", B means "fat"
C means "fat", Y means "thin"
3. Look at the safety technology category
Clothing has three safety technology levels: A, B, and C
Infant clothing under 2 years old must be A-type technical requirements
Clothing that directly touches the skin must be at least Class B technical requirements
Clothing that does not directly contact the skin must be at least Class C technical requirements
4. Look at the depth of the color
the darker the color of the clothes
The more harmful substances in the dyes of clothes
It is recommended to choose lighter ones when buying underwear and baby clothes
5. See washing instructions
The washing logo must be marked in the order of washing, drying, ironing, etc.
If there are no washing instructions on the clothes tag
or the order of washing instructions is incorrect
is probably because the manufacturer is not formal
It is recommended not to buy
When you buy clothes, if the label is shoddy, you can imagine which small workshop the clothes came from, and it must have not passed the inspection by the relevant department. Therefore, it is cheap and it may be harmful to the body. Some people why Just because of wearing a piece of clothing, suffering from an unknown skin disease!