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pet pvc label can be used as sticker paper for electrical products
date:2020/12/29 10:18:24 popularity:125
Industrial electrical label: Generally used materials are pet, pvc, etc. Other types of materials can be selected according to the product's own needs, which meets ul certification. The labels that have been made include battery labels, power labels, cable labels, household electrical energy efficiency labels , Electronic equipment label, electrical label, electrical equipment description label, etc., the label is waterproof and oil-proof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, not easy to fall off and not warped, and can be stored for a long time;
Industrial electrical label materials: PET, PVC, synthetic paper, special materials for cables, etc.;
Industrial electrical appliance material characteristics: it has the characteristics of good inking effect, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, and firm adhesion;
Industrial electrical appliance label glue: general type, adhesive type, strong adhesive type, removable glue, special labeling requirements can be customized glue;
Industrial electrical appliance label printing: size and shape can be customized design, or provide sample design graphic scheme for reference;
Industrial electrical appliance label characteristics: The material of the industrial electrical appliance label is beautifully printed, not easy to fall off, the printing is clear, the color is bright and does not fade, the surface is smooth, the thickness is uniform, and the gloss and flexibility are good;
Industrial electrical label use: widely used in battery labels, power labels, cable labels, household electrical energy efficiency labels, electronic equipment labels, electrical labels, electrical equipment description labels, etc.;
Industrial electrical appliances self-adhesive labels are very popular in this field, not only because they can be pasted, printed, and designed, but more importantly, electronic products need to use labels to achieve some specific effects. For example, the label has a strong texture and can work well with electrical appliances, or the label can resist corrosion and high temperature in the external environment.